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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 3, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> i am julie haener. chief meteorologist bill mar tin tracking just how cold it's going to get tonight. first, ktvu's john fowler shows us how people around the bay area are bracing for this frigid weather. john. >> reporter: i'll tell you, it is quite cold here in walnut creek. there are some things people can do after this little warm spell we've had to get ready so it's not so much of a shock. >> for some, it was a startling one day difference. >> we had a swim. it was about 70 degrees and lovely. now, we're so cold i want to go to starbucks and get warm coffee. >> today's sky signaled a cold front. in the valley, it could be the bay area's biggest drop in temperatures to well below freezing. water companies warning their customerrest about exposed pipes. make sure they are covered and insulated. a hard freeze could burst them. >> they are not going to take cold conditions. >> cover them. >> just take this blanket.
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>> the guard center says don't forget. along with tropical plants, freezing can be fatal. >> it can fry the plant. it can take it out completely. >> and, for people out in this weather, remember, dress in layers. >> oh, gosh, freezing. yeah, it's even freezing in our office. >> i like it when it's cool. i wasn't going to wear this jacket, but i didn't want to stick out. >> i had to dig in my closet for my down vest tonight. now, i'm going to wear some gloves later on. bill martin will tell us when it will get colder and how much colder. >> bill, how cold do you think it will get? >> reporter: down to the upper 20s. as john points out, yesterday we had temperatures in the upper 60s. ed to they are in the mid-50s. by tomorrow, upper 40s. this cool weather is here.
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the front going through is bringing the cold. clear skies tonight. the north bay will be the coldest spot. freeze warning into effect after midnight. it will get down into the upper 20s and low 30s easy in the north bay. the rest of the bay area is going to be cold. but, wednesday nigh, thursday morning is when -- night, thursday morning is when the freeze warning goes into effect. san jose getting down into the 30s. very cool for some big urban centers: coming up, i will talk more about the cold weather system. we will show you which the coldest day will be. and, then, this weather system coming in. there is another chance for rain evennen snow at lower elevations. i will talk about that all back here in gist 15. new at 6:00, san jose police are poised to get a pay raise, but for many officers it is too little too late. ktvu first reported the news this morning that police officers voted overwhelmingly to negotiate a contract.
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the ktvu's robert honda tells us how the program will have to deal with losses even before the city council has a chance to approve the deal. >> reporter: many people say they hope the new deal will stop officers from leaving the department. but as we found out, it has not stopped the bleeding. >> the san jose police union counted votes this morning and announced officers approved the proposal by a 79 to 21% margin. the raise totaling 10.66% over several years didn't matter to this officer, an 11 year veteran who kitted to to join another bay area department. >> the moral is absolutely low. it's obvious. you can't deny it. they are going to have to do a lot more than what they are planning to do with this new contract to fix that. >> the police officer's association says alford isn't the only one. >> we have six officers that are walking out the doored to, even after this contract was approved. they're following hundreds that came before them. this came absolutely much too
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late. >> for alford, the drop from 1400 to 900 now makes life too risky. >> the biggest problem with lack of number are also is getting assistance in an emergency situation when you might need it. >> the poa points out the raise basically restores a painful voluntary cut officers took several years ago. >> i lost my house. we tightened our belts and cut back on a lot of things because of it. this new contract is unfortunately too little too late. >> mayor chuck reed says previous cuts were unavoidable >> the costs for each individual officer has skyrocketed, driven by skyrocketing retirement costs. they are gotten so costly we can't afford to have as many as we want. >> reporter: the city council will now vote publicly on the deal next tuesday after approving it behind closed doors two weeks ago, but some members say it is not a done deal. expressing concern the raise might be too expensive for the city to be sorb.
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robert honda catechin -- to absorb. robert honda ktvu channel 2 news. >> officer will get a 4% increase plus a 2% bonus in the next four yearlies. the following july another 3% bump in play will kick in. we now know that the motorcycle rider killed in an accident last night was the well known host of a home improvement show. the 38-year-old hosted curb appeal on hgtv. he was riding his motorcycle when he was hit by a car. he was a member of the piston and chain motorcycle club in san francisco where friends gatheredded to to share some of their memories. >> he was a dramatic and dearing young man, but he told great stories and he is a real charmer. lovely character. everybody adored him. >> police say the driver of the car involved is cooperating with the investigation. at this point, no charges have
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been filed. a van carrying 11 members of the san francisco giants minor league team was broadsided by a car in arizona this morning. the giants say five players were treated and released from the hospital. police say the accident happened when the van pulled out of a hotel driveway and was hit by a kia sedan. the driver of the kia was not hurt. the giants say the minor leaguers were just beginning a three-week conditioning camp. the search has been calmed off for the night for a san jose pilot and his family in a rural area in idaho. dale smith was flying the group from oregon to butte montana when he started having engine double. he was directed to land at john can son creek airstrip but never made it. ktvu's rob ross joins us live in san jose where he spoke with a business partnered to who worked with smith. rob. >> julie, employees here left work this evening disappointed that missing pilot dale smith and his passengers still
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haven't been found. p but in addition to founding this company, we learned that dale smith is quite the human tear the january. coworkers say he is extremely involved in his church in south san jose. >> he teaches seminary every morning before he comes to work. >> smith obtained his pilot's license eight years ago. his friend and business partner says he put it to good use helping others. >> he transfers enters and dentists around new mexico to help out the underprivileged. >> when hurricane katrina wreaked havoc. >> he was one of the first to support them during their disaster and stuff. he does that kind of stuff on a regular basis. >> smith, his son, daughter, their partners and the airplane are missing in idaho. before search was called offed to due to darkness, searchers detected a faint pitch from the plane's transponder but were unable to find where it was
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coming from. >> it is going to help narrow the search area when that resumes tomorrow. >> reporter: search resumes at 8:00 tomorrow morning with additional aircraft authorities tell us. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a santa clara man under arrest after police say he shot and wounded his wife after an argumented to. officers were called about 11:00 this morning. they say the woman was founded with a gun -- found outside with a gunshot wound. fortunately, she is expected to recover. james watson was arrested in connection with that shooting. police say 42-year-old with alberto vasquez stabbed two men and women last thursday mornening at an payment behind regional medical center. following the stabbing they say he car jacked a van and led police on a chase.
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investigators say vasquez ran a patrol -- rams a patrol officer's car. no word tonight on the stabbing victims. they are recovering the. a man faces decades in prison in the murder of a student. 23-year-old was found guilty of second degree murder in the death of a 17-year-old. the prosecutors say he shot the victim as he rode in the back of a car after a minor confrontation in may of 2010. the suspect faces 69 years to life in prison at sentencing in march. only on 2 tonight, our exclusive new ktvu field poll games the political impact of the tea party movement here in california. the survey found more than twice as many californians say the tea party has a negative impact on politics as a positive as of -- as opposed to a positive impact. 65% of california voters say the movement could hurt republican candidates in next
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year's congressional elections. 18% say the conservative tea party cause will help the gop. google is taking on the biggest players in cloud computer services with a significant price cut. the mountain view company announcedded to it is cutting the cost of standard services by 10%. and by 60 to 90% of major data storage. amazon fell on the news tonight, their shares. christmas came a little early for hundreds of boys and girls. >> merry christmas. >> santa and his helpers with the san francisco fire department gave toys to 1500 needy children in the annual toy give away. firefighters have been collecting the donated toys for months. organizers say the smiles on the children's faces make it all worthwhile. >> it's wonderful. the firefighters toy program, wonderful day. >> a newly wed couple even joins in on the fun sitting on
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santa's lap. the program runs right through christmas day. three is still time to help out. you can find a list of the bay area charities on right under hot topics. after the break, this bay area teenager has been missing for days now. the reason police consider her to be at risk. i just showed you how much temperatures have already dropped. coming up, the timing on the coldest weather where you live in the coming days. a unique contest to prevent bullying. >> why choose hate when you can choose love. >> how bay area students competed against each other to find a solution. [son] all right,she has no idea.
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[man] no one told her,right?
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[son]hi! [mom screams] new developments now for bart employees. lawsuit claims bart's board of
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directors broke the law when it approved a contract without a from vision providing six weeks of paid family leave. the unions claim it was always part of the agreement. >> bart has never offered to us to negotiate over this supposed mistake. instead, it has approached us by saying take it . >> bart claim it was a clerical error and it would cost the agency at least $5 million or much more depending on how many workers use it. bart responded by saying the union's decision to take legal action jeopardizes a quick resolution to this dispute. >> it will delay it which has already gone on far too long. >> bart if i recall ever officials say the agency -- officials say the agency would never have agreed to six weeks additional paid time off. they say workers already see three to six weeks of vacation, get 13 paid holiday and 12 sick days a year. new at 6:00, a 13-year-old
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girl is missing tonight. now, police and her family are asking for help finding her. ktvu's amber lee is in pleasanton where she spoke to the girl's father today. amber. >> reporter: frank, this is where police tell us the missing girl was last seen getting into a car early sunday morning. her father gave us photos of the 13-year-old. he tells me a neighbor saw her leave the family home on vineyard avenue around 4:00 a.m. sunday. she was with three males unknown to the family. anna got into a newer model dark brown coupe, possibly a mercedez or bmw. her father says anna hasn't been seen or heard from since. police are taking this case very seriously. they say anna's safety is at risk. >> she did have a presence on social media. since she's been a missing, from talking with her e the friends that know her best, she hasn't made a presence on social media at all since i
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believe saturday night. >> reporter: her father asked us to share this photo of anna. her family loves her very much and desperately wants to make sure she is safe and wants her to come home. police say she does not have a cell phone and asks anyone with information to contact them right away. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. tonight, the richmond city council is considering including ecstasy tropic cigarettes in its city wide smoking ban. right now it is illegal to smoke in public places in richmond, but there are no restrictions when it comes to icigarettes. the battery-powered devices contain anything teak and produce vapor as opposed to smoke. last month, uc berkeley decided to include ecigarettes in its campus wide smoking ban. tonight at 7:00, a liveup date, including what the cdc is now saying about wider use among young people. stilledders in sunnyvale are meeting to discuss what --
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city leaders in sunnyvale are meeting tonight to discuss traffic near the stadium. city leaders there have concerns about overflow of traffic on game days. the $1.2 billion stadium is expected to be finished in time for the 2014 nfl season. in santa rosa tonight, city leaders there will be considering the set of guidelinest for proproposed developments next door to the stadium, including one that joe montana is involved with. montana's centennial gateway is a mixed use property that would include retail space, a restaurant and office space. snow is falling in the sierra tonight where ski resorts are hoping it is just a sign of things to come. november brought only a little snow, especially compared to last year. snow was coming down this afternoon where we found a couple already hitting the slopes. >> man, first day skiing of the
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season, dude. really excited. great snow. >> sugar bowl resort still isn't open yet, but hopes to open in the next couple weeks. if you plan on driving to the sierra, beware, chains are required. this is what it looked like a couple hours ago at the summit near blue canyon. it's getting cool around here. yesterday's temperatures in the upper 60s. today's highs mid-50s. cooler tomorrow. there is that cool air that's moved through the area. you see the front pass by. now all this clear air. less wind. in this area, we will see that freeze warning go into effect tonight. temperatures in the north bay down into the upper 20s. it's already dropping. the winds are dying. santa rosa 48 degrees. napa down to 40. they are not going to have a tough time getting to 30 degrees tonight.
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temperatures will just get cooler. the diminishing winds are sort of the reason for the cool down. the clear skies as well. it is cool not just in the north bay. it is cool throughout the bay area. just because you don't have a freeze warning tonight in the bay area, you will see the very cool temperatures. so in freemont tomorrow morning, 32 degrees. 35 in mountain view. santa rosa downtown 34 degrees. again, freeze warning in effect tonight for the north bay. tomorrow night, thursday morning, the freeze warning for the entirety of the bay area, except for san francisco. that's a big deal because you're encompassing oakland and livermore and santa rosa. we here we are tomorrow afternoon, clear skies. chilly. thursday morning, the coldest morning, clear skies. friday morning, cold air is in place. moisture comes into the area. we will see snow on bay area
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peaks i would imagine. also very low snow levels in lake tahoe. this looks like it will bring us snow e. 49 in napa tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon for daytime high. those can sometimes be overnight lows. low 50s, upper 40s. 49 in pleasanton. tomorrow, pretty cold but not as cold as thursday. thursday will be the big drop off in temperatures. here is what we are hoping for, some rain on friday. saturday, it will start to clear out. all that cold air in place, you will see some unusual snow in some unusual places. >> really. >> reporter: yeah. pretty early in the season, but it is a lot of cold air. >> bill, thank you. high school freshman from san francisco won top honors today for a video she made about cyber bullying. >> you are the author of your
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life. i will be happy to make them wonder why i'm still smiling. >> she attends lincoln high school. she won first place in the bye bye bullying contest sponsored by the san francisco district attorney. her video was among 40 entries across the country. >> it makes no sense to hurt other people with your words when words hurt. the first place winner, just like she said, words kill. it is very important to be informed about cyber bullying. >> the entries came from across the city. who you just heard talking there, they took home third place. students received gift cards and signed baseballs from the san francisco giants for all their efforts. >> congratulations to them. the oakland a's, billy bean is making big trades. >> fred is up next to break down the roster.
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investigators look into that deadly train derailment in new york and have found no problems with the brake system or the track signals, at least so far. crews are working around the clock repairing the damage to
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the railroad track. the train was traveling 82 miles an hour as it approached a 30-mile an hour turn. many of the injured are still in the hospital. four people were killed in the crash. more than 60 others were hurt. ntsb investigators say they are still looking for the cause. brandon is here now with sports. he is telling us about the sharks who are out on the road. >> reporter: yeah. the terrific hockey town. the sharks, on the road, as we said. tonight in toronto, the sharks had a lot of family support. san jose, they jump out to a lead. then stewart on your lap, takes a shot on your. go then the redirect. sharks currently leading 3-2 in the third period. oakland a's vice president is working toward his third executive of the year award.
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after acquiring a starting pitcher and closer yesterday, billy traded outfielder seth smith for this guy. san diego reliever gregorson. he sent the former number one draft pick and a minor league pitcher to the west for out fielder greg gentry. should fill the role that young did last season. the a's also get minor league pitcher josh. wilson came back from tommy john surgery and proved he could still be a valuable piece in anybody's bull pen. of course, just having him around makes a lot of great drama between the dodgers and the giantess. of course, raptors and warriors highlights at 10:00.
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>> thank you, fred. toxins on treasure island are forcing people to move. we were there as residents get answers about losing their homes. one last look here at the five day because it is getting cold isn't it? >> reporter: yeah. freeze warnening in the north bay tonight. freeze warning for the rest of the bay area wednesday night into thursday morning. rain as we get into friday. >> protect your plants and your pets. >> we are always here for you at ktvu, facebook and twitter. thanks so much for joining us. hope you have a good evening. >> good night. [ male announcer ] this is a leather-wrapped steering wheel.
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